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Strategic storytelling with a twist.

Hi! I'm Susy, I've harnessed a variety of creative and marketing skills to develop a portfolio that combines efficiency and passion. 


I balance the fine granularity of analysis and data, with the sweep and scope of overall content strategy; generating creative, innovative solutions for whichever challenge comes my way; always looking to place your brand at the top of your customer's minds.


From concept development to day to day content strategy and creation; my work merges the best of the creative and strategic worlds, staying true to your brand's identity.

Betty Venture_Landscape Photography_ Sus

Content Marketing

Telling a brand's story through a combination of strategic and creative means. Check out a selection of projects I've worked on.

Canada_Landscape Photography_ Susy Alfar


Discovering the world through the lens. View my online portfolio through years of experience in travel and lifestyle photography.

Mexico_Landscape Photography_ Susy Alfar


Food styling, plating, and photography. Flavours from around the world - and a whole lot of markets.

Mexico_Landscape Photography_ Susy Alfar

Photo Stories

Stories of travels, commissions for past clients, memories for times to come. View a selection of photo-stories.

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