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Strangely Sprouted

Strangely Sprouted was my thesis project for my Masters degree in Digital Marketing at UCD Smurfit School of Business. As part of an applied digital group project, myself and three partners developed from scratch a concept for a new business. We then went through every step of business development, from market research, through all of the brand development, all the way to developing an online marketing campaign for the first year of the company’s life. My role in this was as creative director.


Strangely Sprouted, and the team, won top 3 in Thesis

Presentations’ final round for the class of 2018.


Promotional characters

As part of the inaugural campaign, we developed four characters: Tommy the tomato, Barret the carrot, Devlan the leek, and Rosie the strawberry. These would be personable cartoons that told the story of their journey as an "ugly" vegetable.

These would be used as an online campaign, as well as for educational materials to bring awareness to young audiences to the importance of buying our produce boxes.

I developed the concept, worked with the designers and animators for the materials, and did scripting and voice over work for the final videos.

Here's Rosie's first video:

ugly veg.png

The concept

Millions of kilos of fresh produce go to waste each year, tossed aside or relegated to animal feed due to strict aesthetic standards based on size, shape, and color. This results in about 40% of all globally produced vegetables being discarded, despite meeting health and nutritional requirements, simply due to appearance.


Enter Strangely Sprouted, a platform aimed at tackling this issue by linking producers with consumers who are open to incorporating these "ugly" but perfectly edible items into their meals at a reduced cost compared to conventional purchases.

On top of this, for every basket purchased, a basket of the same size will be donated to a family in need in Ireland.

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