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Simplifying IT solutions

Alta Tecnología is an Integrated IT Solutions Provider in San José, Costa Rica, that combines software and services to meet their clients’ needs in a personalised way. Its services spread across all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

I worked as Marketing Manager here for over 3 years, starting as a one-woman team, and eventually growing to lead a department of skilled creatives. My job there involved building their brand and messaging, starting as the company underwent a major transformation. I worked as the head of a thriving, innovative marketing department with an offering unlike anything seen in the region for IT.

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Building a brand

When I first joined Alta Tecnología in 2016, they'd been operating for almost 15 years with no marketing efforts in hand. Yet, their brand was palpable to anyone who'd pay attention: they were the team that went beyond the basics and catered their solutions to fit a client's specific needs. 

Working closely with the SLT, I came in to develop a new brand identity, and look, and to revamp their website and content strategy to reflect these changes.

As our marketing efforts started to capture the attention of some of our partners, I developed an in-house production company that nowadays produces video, social, design, and content for other IT companies (or shoots the occasional music video). 


Video and content development from initial concept production, script-writing, recording, animation coordination, voice-over work, editing, and final client reviews (where applicable). All of these plus international events were the bread and butter at Alta.

I conducted a series of interviews with partners and clients to tell the story of the company and its unique success. To date, Alta Tecnología has won Partner of the Year multiple times and has just won Latin American partner of the year again this year. 

Video production

El Estudio at Alta Tecnología is now a running business within Alta's umbrella of services. It focuses on providing an exceptional experience for our clients. I oversaw its construction and still collaborate with them when I'm visiting Costa Rica (and do some sessions if I can!).

It is also focused on developing educational courses, shooting events, and much more. This was a great opportunity for me, working with clients and creatives to create something unique and impactful for their business needs. 

Take a virtual tour of the studio here. 

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