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Feminism is Dead

Tell me feminism isn’t necessary.

That we don’t need to fight for women’s rights.

It’s all good now.

Tell me we don’t need to worry anymore.

We’re safe.

Well, we’re not that safe if we’re walking late at night

Or when we wear a revealing dress.

Or shorts

Or jeans

Or leggings

Or, well, anything.

But, God forbid we wear nothing,

Because we’re asking for it with our bare bodies in crude display.

Tell me feminism isn’t necessary

When young girls are told to cover up

Because young boys get distracted

And boys will be boys.

So girls will be girls and live accordingly.

Tell me feminism isn’t necessary

When I’m told at the office that I look

Very pretty when I’m wearing a dress

Very professional when I wear pants and a tie.

Tell me feminism isn’t necessary

When the presidential candidate of a major power nation

endorses and practices rape culture

Yet people only focus on the fact that

The word “pussy” was thrown in the equation.

Tell me feminism isn’t necessary

But feelings are weak and will be treated accordingly

So the only way to compete is to shut it all off

And master that fake smile we see on debate night,

Way too familiar because we’ve all done it

As a man who’s under-qualified and over-listened

Hovers over us whilst we put our personal safety to the side

To defend our intellect.

Tell me feminism isn’t necessary

When mothers bully their daughters into believing

They need to take better care of what others think of them,

They might come off the wrong way and we wouldn’t want that

Now, would we?

Tell me feminism is dead

Tell me it isn’t necessary

Because equality is unattainable

Demanding to be equal is unattractive.

And I’ll tell you I don’t want to be pretty,

I don’t want to be attainable

I want to be free

Just like you.

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