Poem for Mama

We were never meant to be this broken

It was never meant to be this hard

A constant struggle

Tiresome tears in the middle of the night,

The never-ending wondering

Is it me?

What is wrong?

Why can’t this have happened?

Why do I miss him so damn much?

We want to be on a constant move,

To fly away.

Yet society brings out

The nail and hammer,

Making sure our wings stay shut,

We go nowhere.

We drown in a sea of tears and regrets.

Right here, where we are “safe”.

Safety is such a subjective concept

When our bodies are fit as temples

And our minds prisoners in this entrapment.

Yes, mother, all is well.

There’s nothing wrong.

There’s nothing good, either.

We’re too young,

We’re struggling too hard.

They’ll never get it.

Life isn’t what it used to be.

We don’t function well

As bricks on your wall

We’re uniquely shaped, you see.

Each and every one of us

As special as those shooting stars

You no longer believe in.