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Run Away With Me

“Run away with me”

I absentmindedly doodle on a napkin whilst having my last team meeting and dream about you. Run away with me. I want to go and not look back. I want to see you smile, looking at me and speeding through the endless road, the sun reflected in your glasses, your hand in mine.

I see your face, water vapour surrounding your smile. Your eyes, locked in mine. I feel your hands, holding me while I float. Nothing matters, time moves slowly. I feel your lips, taste your wet neck. I want to hold on to every detail, remember every sound, smell every fragrance. I must capture this feeling.

We’re at Sonic. A little chickie in your hands, creating a disproportionate relationship of man and ironical food. There’s ice cream that spilled on the seat. “Run away with me”, you look eagerly and I wonder what would happen if I just said “yes”. How far could we go on this tank of gas? Where would we shower? Who the fuck cares? I don’t feel like going to that dinner I have planned, having an existential crisis with you seems like a much more fun alternative. Let’s dream of the future and avoid the unavoidable. Let’s fly, let’s go.

Our bags are packed and we’re having soup and a sandwich. I need milk to get rid of this hangover, you laugh, I’m the only one you know actually asks for a glass of milk in the morning. We’re hitting the road, you’re in a rush, I don’t understand why. I need to nap, you watch me sleep. “Look at how beautiful everything is”. Yes, you are.

We run hand in hand, my camera strap always on my shoulder. I snap every moment, capture it with the light. I’ll bring you with me like this. We explore, we laugh, we eat that horrible invention of a pineapple quiche, we’re happy. You hold me, I hold on to you, we laugh. The sun goes down and comes back up again, the wind hits my hair and I don’t care. In the dim light of the street lights, I hold on to you, watch the smoke of your cigarette dissipate.

We’re on the road again, this time it’s different. Let’s talk about where we want to go, it all sounds so amazing. You kiss me, I hold you. “Cancel the whole thing, just run away with me.” I let out a painful smile.

I ran away, I just couldn’t bring you with me. Now, I hold on to the memories and remember. I remember your smile, I remember your lips, your neck, your voice.

Run away with me.

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