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A Very Wise Fool

They say that “sorry” is not enough

when we really mean it.

Yet, I find that, when talking about Wise Fool,

“thank you” becomes insufficient, lacking, short.

“Thank you” does not begin to convey the gratitude,

the love.

In my darkest hour I searched for something,


An unexpected door opened and I escaped,

not knowing where it would lead.

Who would have imagined it would guide me

to another world, full of colour, love, acceptance?

Not me.

Yet I took the plunge and found this land of fools,

found myself in the face of others.

Wise Fool helped me find my words

when my throat was dry.

Challenge my limbs when they went numb.

Fly, when I couldn’t even believe in the sky.

It does not take much to know and love

a Wise Foolian.

Our core is embedded in the values we practice everyday.

We share the love for what’s beautiful and know

that this does not come up in a magazine

or the empty words of a lie.

We see it in every one of our faces,

in our strong limbs.

We know beauty is in failing,

for those who never fall never get back up

again, and again, and again.

Never had I seen a performance environment

where every one of the souls on stage with me

shared their love, their passion, unexpectant.

Never had I been cheered when I failed,

encouraged when I achieved something others could do in their sleep.

Never had I felt so much at home

whilst hanging upside down.

Thank you. A million times thank you.

For showing me that this is possible in the world

and making it unbearable to ever say goodbye.

Thank you for opening up your arms, and loving me,

no questions asked.

Thank you for being my safe space,

regardless of what the outside world

had to offer.

In my darkest hour I searched for something,

And I found more than I ever could’ve asked for.

My only wish is that this space continues to bring

the unlimited joy it’s brought me, and many others,


Thank you.

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